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Proudly presenting the biggest, loudest, most dangerous and fastest motorsport in the history of human civilisation:

Formula X Spaceship Racing!

Think of Formula One but spaceships instead of cars and you are pretty much there.

All you need to know about the 2299 racing season. Includes an introduction to Formula X, looking at how the sport started and details of past championships, including a detailed review of the 2298 racing season with full results. For the 2299 preview, it includes pilot and team profiles, race details and other significant dates. The book features advertisements of companies and organisations involved with Formula X.

Purchase options: click on the cover image left to go to the Amazon page for the eBook download. For a paperback, click on the relevant postage option shown left to buy direct from the author.

This is the year in the life of full time racing pilot Silas Volante, who keeps a diary of his year in the sport during the 2299 season. He writes about his day to day life as a racing pilot, including meetings with engineers, testing sessions with the racing spaceship, and of course full detailed accounts of the races themselves. After finishing third in 2298, can Volante make the step up to achieve his dream of becoming Formula X Galactic Champion?

Purchase options: click on the cover image left to go to the Amazon page for the eBook download. For a paperback, click on the relevant postage option shown left to buy direct from the author.

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Illustrated by artist Mike Wood

Both books feature artwork by Ilkeston-based artist Mike Wood. Below are some of the pictures that feature across both books. The images are absolutely superb and add life to the concept. When I wrote the books, I felt they were a bit ‘flat’; having the artwork from Mike in the books, they give the whole concept of spaceship a totally new angle and the books are infinitely better for it. Have a look below and see what you think.

Clockwise from left, they are: Our ‘hero’ Silas Volante, reigning Galactic Champion Shas’olum, Sunstar pilot Amira Avante, racing scene over Mars, engine detail of a Formula X spaceship.

Amira Avante.jpeg Racing over Mars.jpeg Shas'olum.jpeg Silas Volante.jpeg Jap E2 engine detail.jpeg

Note about postage: books will be sent as standard first class mail, so delivery will be a few days in the UK. I don’t offer an option for insured postage due to the high cost, however if you require this please contact me, editor@galactic-echo.com.

The books are also available to buy from selected bookshops across Teesside and North Yorkshire (see home page for details).

Free posters

Here are a couple of posters as a freebie that nicely illustrate what Formula X racing is all about.

Firstly, a promotional poster produced by the Galactic Motorsports Council as a way of advertising the spaceship racing series for the year 2299. It shows the teams competing, with the pilot portraits and the side view of the respective spaceships. There are a number of companies and support agencies, and a calendar showing the race dates for 2299. Feel free to print this off (click on the image right for the pdf download).

The second poster is an action scene of a Britus Isaac Newton racer flying over the Moon, with all the important features of a modern Formula X racer highlighted. Note the Earth in the background, such a trip to the Moon from Earth is a doddle with such machines!

Word count: 17,800, paperback 92 pages, over 50 colour images.

Word count: 55,000, paperback 176 pages, over 20 colour images.

Want a 20% free sample of either book? Click on the links below to go to their respective Smashwords pages, where you can download the first 20% of the eBooks.

Click here for the first 20% of the 2299 formula x guidebook…

…or here for the first 20% of the diary of silas volante.

Want to know more about how a Formula X spaceship works? Check out the 1:20 scale model of the Britus Isaac Newton, click on the image here for more details.

Racing Spaceships in Detail